Curves Diet

Curves Diet
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Curves, known as the larges fitness franchise in the world, started out as every woman's answer to exercise, providing a safe place for women to work out to a set 30-minute routine that burns an average of 500 calories. Beginning in 1992, the chain blossomed, opening 6,000 fitness centers in the first ten years and now boasts 4 million members in 70 countries. What began as a fitness regime has blossomed into more, with diet and weight loss programs incorporated into the Curves philosophy.

The brainchild of Gary and Diane Heavin, Curves was at the forefront of the express fitness phenomenon. They believe a healthy lifestyle has three components: effective exercise, good nutrition, and a supportive environment to keep you on track. So to complete the picture for members, they introduced Curves Weight Management Plan.

Basic Diet Tenets/Nutritional Philosophy

The Curves Weight Management Plan is a 30-day diet plan that revs up your metabolism, allows you to eat all day long, and keeps you from getting bored with your food choices. It is meant to be utilized along with the Curves 30-minute workout for optimal effect.

The meal plan includes 5 small meals per day, which helps to keep hunger pangs at bay. The first week consists of a low-calorie phase, then you move into the second phase that will last 3 weeks. After the 30-day interval, you take a short break to maintain your current weight and boost your metabolism. Then should you need to lose additional pounds, you can invest in another 30 days on the plan.

Curves also provides free weight management classes with the Curves 30 Day Diet Plan. Begin with the Start-Up Class, progress to the Phase 3 class, and there are also special topic classes offered to help you stay on the diet, get practical tips, and move forward. There is also an online community-MyCurves.com-that comes with your membership and offers health content, exercise tips, recipes and tools to help you succeed.

Note: Each Curves is owner-operated and part of the Curves franchise. While all studios are basically the same, the knowledge of the owner and staff may vary.

Exercise/Fitness Component

This is where Curves excels. The Curves 30-minute workout exercises every major muscle group and burns up to 500 calories through a proven program of strength training, cardio and stretching. It is performed in a Curves studio, which means that membership is required, but the studio has everything you need, along with a wealth of support from both staff and other members.

The workout itself can be toned down or amped up, so no matter if you are 17 or 70, 120 pounds or 320 pounds, the Curves workout will work for you. The machines used at Curves are made by Quickfit and are based on hydraulic resistance, meaning there are no weights to move around or pins to change out. You can drop in any day of the week, and workout as often as you want. In addition, there is CurvesSmart, a personal coaching system that uses radio frequency ID to recognize and tailor a customized workout for each member. The program provides feedback, motivation and progress reports.


You have your choice of a high-protein (carbohydrate-sensitive) or high-carbohydrate (calorie-sensitive) diet solution, with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. The Curves diet solutions recommended limiting intake of refined carbohydrates and sweets, but they say that “no foods are off-limits.” You will eat 3 meals and 2 snacks per day from a list they provide, and there is a food exchange system that makes it easy to substitute or build meals that appeal to you. No calorie counting, but you will need to shop and prepare foods. There is some guidance and recipes available.

There are no prepared meals or snacks, but there is a protein shake and supplements available.

Ease of Use

The exercise and fitness component couldn't be much simpler. You show up to the Curves studio and follow a 30-minute circuit. The 30-day diet makes it easier to swallow due to a limited time frame, and it can be repeated until your desired weight loss is achieved. There could be more guidance on the food/diet aspect of the program.

Cost/per month

Membership: $149 Initiation fee + $29-39/month (one-year commitment)
Food: no increase in cost
Other: Vitamins, supplements and protein shakes are available, as are the popular Curves books.

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