Joy's LIFE Diet

Joy's LIFE Diet
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Joy Bauer developed one of the nation's largest nutrition centers, located in New York.

Start Joy’s Life Diet for free! As seen on the Today show!

She went on to write several bestselling books and cookbooks, including her most recent New York Times bestseller, Joy's LIFE Diet (subsequently retitled Your Inner Skinny), and has become the Today Show's nutrition expert. She has parlayed her years of education and work experience into a diet plan where you can find your “inner skinny.”

Basic Diet Tenets/Nutritional Philosophy

The LIFE in Joy’s Life Diet stands for “Look Incredible, Feel Extraordinary,” which is what Joy Bauer tries to help clients achieve. The diet is broken down into four simple steps, most of which are the basic tenets of any diet: Release, Relearn, Reshape, and Reveal.

The first step lasts one week, and is an intensive release period where you abandon negative eating habits. During the second step, you will relearn healthy eating and reprogram your appetite. In the third step, which is the longest part of the program, you will reshape your body by following an eating plan designed for you. The final reveal incorporates the new you and a maintenance plan to keep the pounds off.

Start with the free diet profile, which in turn provides you with meal plans and advice customized for you. There are over 15 interactive tools to help you on your journey, including the meal planner, food log, calorie counter, and weight tracker.

Once you signup, the website is helpful, however purchasing Joy Bauer’s book, Your Inner Skinny, might be a wise investment to keep by your bedside for encouragement, advice, and a reminder of your goals. 

Exercise/Fitness Component

An exercise plan is provided in this program, which will require 30-60 minutes of cardio each and every day. You will progress to add interval training, as well as strength and stretching exercises. An additional circuit of strength and resistance exercises will be the last addition and round out what should be a strong weekly fitness regime that, along with the diet, will keep you healthy and fit. 

There is not much personalization in this part of the program, and while there is some instructions it is somewhat limited.

Get 400 delicious weight-loss recipes, weight-loss tools, daily inspiration and more from Joy Bauer – Today show’s official diet expert.


“Life is hard, food should be easy” is the motto of this diet.    There is no counting of calories, carbs or points. Recommended meals, which include good carbs and fats, lean proteins, fresh fruits and veggies, are provided, and modifications can be made based on your preferences.  You will eat 3 meals per day, plus one afternoon snack. You are also free to have an unlimited amount of non-starchy vegetables per day, which will help to fill the void and transition you to a new way of eating.

You will get a customized meal plan, which you can modify as needed. The website provides hundreds of recipes, and there is a team of nutritionists which can help further refine your dietary needs and calorie intake.

Note that this is a diet where you will be required to plan, shop and cook your own meals. There are no packaged or frozen meals, no replacement shakes. The only food item available is the Joy Bauer Bar, which comes in one flavor (Chocolate Almond Brownie). The bars are 150 calories and are meant as a snack, rather than a meal replacement.
There are also some quick and easy meals for days when you don’t feel like cooking, as well as recommended items when dining out.

Ease of Use

Once you read about the diet and understand the steps you are about to undertake, the diet is easy to follow. The customized menus, shopping lists, and support will help you transition from your current eating habits.

Cost (per month)

Membership” $20
Food: No increase over current food costs
Other: Book

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