Sensa Weight Loss System

Sensa Weight Loss System
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Almost three decades ago, Dr. Alan Hirsch - a licensed neurologist and psychiatrist founded the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago - devoted his time to finding the reason Americans eat too much. Since obesity and overindulgence have reached an all-time high, Dr. Hirsch’s research has revealed that the way our brains are programmed is the main reason we overindulge. Our senses, especially sight and smell, fuel hunger. Dr. Hirsch found that in times when food was scarce, human beings were taught to eat until full because food may not always be readily available. However, translated into modern America when all-you-can-eat buffets are allowing people to eat their way through life, stuffing your stomach isn’t the best idea for overall health.

In order to lose weight, we must eat less. That’s really all there is to it. According to Dr. Hirsch, “What you eat is important, to be sure, but even more important is how much you eat. The problem is portion control. When you take in more calories than your body can use up, it turns to fat and excess weight.” And that is where the Sensa Weight Loss System comes in.

Dr. Hirsch developed what he calls “Tastants” essentially taste-free, odor-free sprinkles that help control appetite by appealing to the body’s weakness: the senses. Technically this is not a diet program, it is a way of losing weight without counting calories, carbs or points, changing the way you eat, or introducing an exercise program. By utilizing the Sensa tastants at each meal, you will train your body and mind to eat less over time. This will lead to weight loss and changes in portion control, meaning that the tastants will no longer be required.

Basic Diet Tenets/Nutritional Philosophy

The program addresses the desire to overeat head on by using the sense of smell to activate a process in the brain that tells your body it’s time to stop eating. Over time, the body will become accustomed to feeling full faster, so smaller portions are consumed. By the time weight-loss goals are met, the body has been trained to eat in moderation, eliminating overindulgence and excess calories.

Sensa tastants work on a five-point system: aromas given off by the crystals added to the food go to the nose and tongue triggering nerve receptors. The receptors then send signals to the center of the brain that stimulate olfactory response. This center then signals the “fullness” nerve in the brain followed by signals being sent to the pituitary gland. Finally, the gland releases hormones that command to the body to surrender, eventually suppressing the appetite and stopping the urge to eat.

The Sensa Weight Loss System comes with both a video and a handbook that will walk you through the program and answer any questions you have. Additionally there is a website that covers all the details, provides clinical results, and provides an easy way to purchase the Sensa tastants.

There are no counselors, no walk-in diet center and no hand-holding. There are online community forums for discussion with other Sensa users.

Exercise/Fitness Component

There is no exercise or physical fitness component to this weight loss system.


Probably the best part of the Sensa Weight Loss System is that you will continue to eat the foods that you love, which is also the downside. The idea with Sensa is to eat LESS of what you love, however, it important to get proper nutrition and you should try to eat healthier and eliminate overindulgences. Eating only half of a Hostess cupcake is better than a whole one, but not as good as an apple or handful of grapes.

The handbook and video do address the need to eat healthier and offer a few simple food substations and reminders to drink water, but this is minimal.

Ease of Use

The directions state to "Sprinkle Sensa evenly over the surface of your food." That's how easy it is to use. The sprinkles come in a hard plastic sprinkle container, with two sides: Sweet and Salty. The size of a pack of cigarettes, it is easy to slip into a purse or briefcase, or even a jacket pocket, so you can take it with you to work, on vacation or out to dinner. Each container is one month's worth of tastants.

Cost (per month)

Membership: 6-month starter kit is $374 (although introductory rates can reduce the cost of this to $235)., making the monthly cost somewhere between $39 and $62
Food: None. In fact food costs should decrease as you eat less.
Other: None


As with any diet program, do your research first. Go to the library, search the internet, and above all, consult your doctor about any diet regimen that you are contemplating.

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