The Biggest Loser Recap Season 12: Week 11

SUMMARY: During their last week on the Ranch, The Biggest Loser competitors get their long-awaited makeovers after competing in the ritual of carrying their shed weight up a steep hill in a competition worth almost guaranteed inclusion in the final four.
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One of the most anticipated shows of each Biggest Loser season is the makeover show, and it finally arrived. In the two hours that it takes to view this show, Becky, Vinnie, Antone, Sunny and John go from baggy workout clothes and excess hair to fancy dress-up duds and paired-down coifs. On this show, the old “shave and a haircut” costs a lot more than two bits, in fact, it costs 61-140 pounds—the amount of weight the contestants have lost thus far.

Weight Challenge

Before we can see the makeover, contestants have to assemble at the base of a hill overlooking the ranch for a challenge. Sidling up to wooden stick mannequins adorned with various weighted garments—vests, hip pads, belts, and ankle pads—contestants find that this is the challenge where they have to carry the weight they have lost up a steep hill. Along the way will be 10 stops, where they will shed the appropriate amount of weight lost during that week.

The winner will get a coveted 1-pound advantage at weigh-in. And lest we forget how important that is, Sunny ended up below the yellow line last week for 1/100 of a percent, after having received a 1-lb disadvantage from John. This prize could very well mean the difference between going home or making the final four.

To recap, up to this point, John has lost 140 pounds (31%), Antone 116 (26%), Vinnie 102 (24%), Sunny 75 (27%), and Becky 61 (26%). All remarkable feats, to be sure.

Putting on the weighted garments was variously described as oppressive, eye-opening, shocking, and it took both a physical and emotional toll on the contestants as they made their way up the hill. Memories of their former selves, their shame, and their newfound strength brought tears and determination to the contestants.

At the start, Antone took the early lead, with Sunny, Becky and John on his heels. Vinnie was off to a slow start, lagging behind.

By weigh-in stop #3, John was able to overtake the women and move up to 2nd place, determined to get past Antone. Becky fell farther behind as they made it to the halfway point. 

After weigh-in stop #6, John was able to pass up Antone, having shed 100 pounds.

As they headed further up the hill, Antone and John are neck and neck and anticipating weigh-in stop #10, where they drop the last of the weight and sprint for the finish.

Unfortunately, Antone doesn’t have it in him to overtake John, and John again wins a 1-lb advantage. Sunny takes 3rd, Becky 4th, and Vinnie brings up the rear in 5th. But ultimately, they all will get a reward. Alison informs them that it is makeover week (as if they didn’t know!). And not only will they get the head-to-toe treatment, BL sponsor Progresso will supply them with soup for a year and $5,000. That’s probably an average of about $50 per pound, not too shabby.


This year’s makeovers will take place in Beverly Hills, with a shopping trip on Rodeo Drive with A-list stylist Jeannie Mai, a spa experience at Voda Spa, complete hair renovations by hairdresser to the stars Ken Paves, and a reveal at the Kodak Theater, where contestants will get surprised by their loved ones and see the new Cirque du Soleil show, Iris.

Contestants start out with a bit of pampering at Voda Spa, with European-style treatments. They undergo mud mask facials, 24-karat gold masques, caviar rubs and massages. Funny seeing the men all wrapped up in fluffy white robes, lounging by the pool with cucumbers on their eyes, basking in the luxury of it all. As their time comes to an end, stylist Jeannie Mai shows up to take them shopping on famed Rodeo Drive.

It’s the boys first, with Jeannie working them over one by one. It’s going to be a suit for Antone, who regularly wore them during his NFL days. Those suits, all packed away for 15 years, will be replaced by something sharp and fitting.

Jeannie pulls no punches with Vinnie, telling him that the overalls have to go, as there is just no way to make them fashionable. And his new physique will look much better out of them. No need to hide the fat any more. She shows him how to wear the western attitude with a fun flair to turn out a polished look.

John admits to owning black and brown, almost exclusively. So Jeannie announces that she is going to get him into something other than those colors. He tries on brown, gray, and tan-colored suits, determined to find something dignified and appropriate.

The girls show up to Reiss (a large London-based chain of high end designer wear), with Becky going first. Wanting to impress her husband, they go for a sexy and sophisticated look that is age appropriate. And I am wowed by the one dress we get to see on her. Becky has some serious curves going on and fits into a size 10 teal stunner.

Sunny admits to hating shopping and dressing rather frumpy. Jeannie is most appalled that she doesn’t like to shop, but then again, we can’t all get paid to shop professionally like her. I have to say, that the first outfit Sunny comes out in is a bit frumpy—a mousy brown maxi skirt and peasant type blouse that doesn’t flatter her in any way shape or form. But Jeannie gets her into 4-inch heels….

Once the shopping is complete, Jeannie then hands the contestants off to Ken Paves, who has counted among his clients Jessica Simpson, Eva Longoria, Christina Applegate, Jennifer Lopez and Brittany Spears. Ken is logging his third time on the BL makeover show, impressed by the contestants drive and willingness to share their stories with the world. On the agenda today are cuts, color and much-needed shaves, with Vinnie asking for a Bradley Cooper do and Becky giving Ken full license to do whatever he wants. Ought to be interesting at the reveal.

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