Traditional Chinese Medicine Making Its Way Between the Gaps of Western Methods

Traditional Chinese Medicine Making Its Way Between the Gaps of Western Methods
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Benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) may not bebacked by the concrete evidence that some people are looking for, but thatdoesn’t stop others from using it to resolve a host of medical issues. Currently,medical professionals in California are aiming to make traumatology a licensedpractice, while the practice of acupuncture has been established in the educationsystem since the 1970s.

California State Senator Leland Yee introduced a bill (SB 628) thatwould require the California Acupuncture Board to issue certificates toapplicants who want to practice as Traditional Chinese Medicinetraumatologists.

Although practices of TCM are progressively becoming morepopular in America, the bill has received significant opposition amongstatewide organizations for acupuncturists. One of the main arguments questionsthe idea that an exam would not be required. Instead, the CaliforniaAcupuncture Board would have to create a TCM Traumatology Committee that wouldbe in charge of evaluating applicants. Critics are also dissatisfied with thelack of standards and the short time frame in which applications would be accepted.Senator Yee plans to revise and resubmit the bill again next year.

In the meantime, the practice of TCM continues to spreadthroughout America.

For those who unfamiliar, TCM includes a combination ofacupuncture, traumatology and herbology, with acupuncture being the most widelyaccepted at present.

Acupuncture is often described as a mind-body medicine thatstimulates specific points in the body by penetrating the skin with needles. This type of therapy is meant toalleviate symptoms of anxiety as well as treat back pain, headache, migraine,sports injuries. and other conditions.

Traumatology is considered a more general term for methods,including specific aspects of acupuncture and herbology, to treat things likefractures, dislocations, muscle or tendon injuries, and internal trauma.

All forms of TCM focus on levels of qi: energy that balances positive and negative forms of the body. Itis considered a necessary life force. What makes traumatology distinct is itsacute attention to the effects of trauma.

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