StudioCenter studios can help extend your business and develop your online presence, all while letting you focus
on what you love.

tools StudioCenter is a content sales and distribution platform that gives you the tools to
showcase your content and get your message to more potential clients and customers
– customers who are already sold on improving their own health.

charts We offer competitive payouts and plenty of room to grow. Best of all, we handle the
backend and let you get back to doing what you love – sharing your health and
wellness expertise.

StudioCenter customers already care about health and wellness

Unlike other platforms, we are wholly dedicated to health and wellness. Your content won't be thrown in with unrelated videos about a skateboarding dog – it will

be seen by a community of customers already interested in health.

We offer non-exclusive distribution

Want to keep your videos on YouTube?
We're okay with that. We'll give you a place to sell those videos to users who might want permanent copies on their multiple devices.

We reach over 25 million desktops

Depending on the distribution model you choose, your content can be distributed on 100+ websites both domestically and internationally, or over 25 million desktops.
That's a lot of eyes on
your video and ebooks!

We are an international partner

You'll be associated with HealthNews—an international brand. This gives you more exposure to potential customers and helps build your brand and reputation online.

Customizable revenue models

We offer multiple revenue models, so you can choose one that suits your needs and comfort level. Current models include content syndication through our broad distribution system, direct sales, microsubscriptions and pre-roll advertising.

We can help build your brand

Your brand will be seen, not only on HealthNews but also throughout our distribution network, Google searches and in social media. HealthNews' Facebook channel is growing faster than those of WebMD, Healthline, HealthGuru and MedHelp combined. We'll feature your high-quality content on this channel so you can benefit from this highly effective social channel.

Get to know your customers

StudioCenter uses HealthNews' powerful community tools such as reviews and comments, offering you a way to interact with potential and existing customers to build stronger relationships and increase customer loyalty. Have great content? Leverage the HealthNews community to spread the word.

Secure, reliable hosting

StudioCenter has your backend covered. Our fast content uploader lets you stick to the business of making awesome content. You do the uploading; we'll make sure customers can download in a jiffy.

Payouts you can bank on

StudioCenter payouts begin at 60% share on all sales, with improved payouts as sales volume increases. We'll send you a check monthly, or you can request payout at any time.

Be found!

We are search engine optimization experts! We'll make sure your content is tagged and classified in a way that will make it very easy for potential customers and clients to find.

Top-level Support

HealthNews support is available 365 days a year. We'll even help you get your studio set up. Just drop us a line for any

questions. Don't want to talk to a person? E-mail us or use our help knowledgebase.

Hassle-free payment processing and reporting

Accepting payments and keeping track of sales can be a huge pain. We take the hassle out of it: we accept secure payments on your behalf and offer dynamic reporting tools for you to keep track of sales.

That's not all…

We're constantly adding new features to StudioCenter. Future plans include expert blogs, custom applications and more. Have an idea for StudioCenter? Let us know.

StudioCenter is available to publishers and producers by limited invitation. Request an invite: Request Invite

* Syndicated content can be selectively approved or denied by our syndication partners
† You get your first check after $50